App Development

Smart Phones & Apps are how today's person uses the web

Smart Phones are becoming ubiquitous. The iPhone showed what they could be. Now the rise of Google Android has led to smart phones that anyone can afford. Market penetration is rising fast, and now is the perfect time to establish your presence on these platforms. Apps can combine features of web-sites and desktop software to deliver powerful new ways to interact with your audience wherever they are.

Demo Apps by Winterwell

Note: The demos below show real working apps, ported for the website viewing. The website port is not perfect -- the demo will not look or behave quite like the real app. Depending on whether your browser is recognised as "like a smart phone", the demo may show you a much simplified version for low-end phones.

Developed for NCR, who provide state-of-the-art ticketing solutions to leading airlines such as Delta. This app lets you check in, and remembers your preferences. It uses features such as geolocation to speed up flight search, and has an integrated go-to-gate alarm.
Coming Soon... Blockbuster Express kiosks (available across the US) provide a cost-effective DVD rental "shop". The kiosks are somewhere between a jukebox and a vending machine. The Blockbuster Express app lets you find and rent movies from your phone. It uses features such as geolocation and mapping to direct you to the nearest kiosk. Developed using cross-platform techniques to run on any phone.



Android is an excellent platform with the fastest growing market share among smart phones. Android apps are built using Java and web-development techniques, and Android app development fits perfectly with Winterwell's skill-set.

iPhone & iPad

We use cross-platform techniques where possible to develop for both Android and iPhone. When native iPhone coding is needed, we work with experienced iPhone & iPad developers.

Cross-Platform: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows & Symbian

But what about an app that works for everyone? We can use Html5 technology augmented by native plugins to deliver apps that work for multiple platforms. Building on the Phonegap platform, these apps will run on any smart phone. This approach is not suitable for all apps, but when it is suitable it provides a very cost-effective way to develop your app.

Unity 3D: High-quality experiences

PhoneGap is flexible, but lacks the raw power for high-end graphical experiences. We use the Unity 3D platform to deliver performance when it's needed.
Coming soon: Digital Adaptations.