Interactive Drama / Alternate Reality Games

Interactive cross-platform media: stories without bounds

Cross-platform media and pervasive games

Cross-platform media, is a story or campaign that crosses the boundaries of TV, websites, mobile and social media to deliver a more engaging and complete experience.

Pervasive games are an emerging storytelling/gaming medium with applications in entertainment, marketing and education. Stand-alone games such as PerplexCity have shown that pervasive games are commercially viable in their own right. Whilst pervasive game marketing for Audi and Microsoft have demonstrated the potential as a marketing vehicle.

Pervasive games combine elements of theatre with games and other interactive elements, and are notable for high levels of audience participation. Part of the excitement is that the story unfolds within the player's day-to-day life, utilising TV, websites, mobiles, and live events as appropriate.

Our Services

We have developed a range of services to support cross-platform production, backed by associates trained in game design, theatre, writing - and of course technology. If you are producing a social media campaign or an interactive drama, and would like help and advice, please contact us for a free discussion.

ARGs present interesting technological challenges: how to track and react to activity across platforms such as websites, email and social media.

Backed by Scottish Enterprise R&D support, we are developing powerful solutions to meet those challenges. The first of which is Sodash, the smart social dashboard. Sodash provides tools for running social media campaigns (e.g. Twitter). It's easy-to-use, yet efficient and scalable.